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St. Maarten SXM Island Tours



Group Tours

Group Tours are designed on seeing the Island on a whole and are scheduled in such a way to suit all involved.  Unfortunately we cannot always be at a specific location to coincide with an event such as the scheduled landing and taking off of planes at Maho Beach.  If you prefer a tour designed on the schedule of the planes landing and taking off, the Private Tour is the tour to choose.


Oyster Bay – Calvin the Sea Urchin Man – Orient Beach – Marigot – Sunset Beach Bar and Grill (Maho Beach) – Cole Bay Hill – The Hill ( 5-6 Hours) – $45.00 Per person 

Our Island Tour + Beach + Shopping Tour starts from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location.  Your first stop of the day will be at a location overlooking Oyster Bay.  Next you will get to meet Calvin the Sea Urchin Man and some of his watery friends.   On to Orient Beach for 2 hours of sunshine, sand, and sea.  Sit back and enjoy the sun and ocean breeze or take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters.  Your next stop will then be in Marigot for an hour of shopping. While in Marigot do not forget those fabulous French Pastries at Sarafina’s!  Next stop Sunset Beach Bar and Grill to be blown away by the jet blast at Maho Beach.  Maho Beach ends where the runway of St. Maarten’s International Airport begins.  Stand on the beach as some of the largest commercial aircraft come in for a landing, the planes will be just feet over your head!  And if that is not enough excitement, hang on for a jet blast as they take off.  With the excitement of Maho Beach behind you, your next stop will be Cole Bay Hill overlookingSimpson Beach and Indigo Bay, an opportunity for a beautiful family photo.  Then up to The Hill where you will find great views of Phillipsburg.  With a wonderful day on the Island behind,you have a final choice, to be dropped off in Phillipsburg or continue on to the cruise dock for departure.  And remember a complimentary drink will be offered to you on tour stops!

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Tour #2 – CITY TO CITY TOUR (no beach)

Passing through Philipsburg  to – The Hill – Indigo bay – Simpson Bay – Cole Bay Hill – Maho (Sunset) beach – West Indies Shopping Mall – Marigot- Harbor View Point – Orient Beach – Philipsburg. (4 – 5 hours) @ $45.00  Per person

This Tour starts from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location,  and it is all about seeing the Island and Shopping.  We pass through Philipsburg and up to Divi Little Bay Hill where great views of Philipsburg can be seen.  Your next stop will be overlooking Indigo Bay, Cole Bay and Simpson Bay.  Then on to a 30 minutes photo stop at Maho (Sunset) beach which ends where the runaway of St. Maarten’s International Airport begins and where some of the largest commercial aircraft come in for landing.  We continue on and our next stop will be Marigot for some local shopping and while there  you may visit the West Indies Shopping Mall, the Local Creole Restaurants and  do not forget, those fabulous french Pastries at Sarafina’s.  Next on to Harbor View Point overlooking Orient Beach, then crossing through the border line to head back to Philipsburg where the talk of the town is shopping for one hour to one hour and a half. Finally with a wonderful day on the Island behind you for now!  we head back to the ship with lots of memories, shopping, laughter and plans on the next trip back to SXM, hope to see you again, thank you. And remember a complimentary drink will be offered to you on tour stops!

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Passing through Philipsburg to Sucker Garden – Border Line – French Quarter New Oleans -View Point – Grand case – Marigot – Border line – Soualiga Bridge – Simpson Bay – Indigo bay – K-hill, Divi – Philipsburg.

Tour price includes transportation, Island Tour, Photo stops, Sun lounger & Umbrella (1 for 2 people to share) and either 3 beers or 2 mixed drinks.

$60 per person
The tour is 5-6 hours

We start from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location, we past through Sucker Garden, through the Border line, French Quarter New Orleans, overlooking Orient Beach to View Point for a stop for photo’s; off we go through Grand Case, to arrive in Marigot for a one hour stop, and while there do not forget, Sarafina, other pastry shops, Maya Store and the local flee Market. Then off we go towards another Border Line, making a stop for photo’s, moving forward we cross over Soualiga Bridge, which reveals a splendid view of the Mega Yachts, to overlook Simpson Bay, Indigo Bay, K-hill, Divi, Fort Amsterdam, the Cruise terminal and finally for a 3 hours stop at Philipsburg beach. There listen to the Sounds of Cool Reggae Music While Lounging on the Beach and Enjoying the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy idyllic Great Bay Beach, with its warm sands, fun atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to swim and relax.  Relax on the warm sand in a prime boardwalk location with a lounge chair, umbrella, beer or soda/water or fruit/rum punch. Shopping is right around the corner with Front Street and Back Street just a few steps away and restrooms are available on the boardwalk in front of the beach. Tour price includes transportation, sun lounger, umbrella (1 for 2 people to share) and either 3 beers or 2 mixed drinks. For Finally you have an option of remaining in town or we pick you up and drop you back to the Ship, hope to see you again.

Made Available to you for your personal pleasure are Jet Ski – Banana Boat – Stand up paddle & Bounce Trampoline (for rent)

Guests should bring:
Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Swimsuit, Towels.

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Introducing “ROOTS” a tour like never before, a REAL adventure back to the ORIGINAL things, that gave us OPPORTUNITIES in all that we did, TO the enjoyments in life that gave us SATISFACTION, of which are Sightseeing and/or Walking, Shopping, Beach and/or Swimming,  water-sports and Eating & Drinking!  which off course will generate lots of laughter and memories.

Tour price includes transportation, Island Tour, Photo stops, Sun lounger & Umbrella (1 for 2 people to share), Lunch (Includes Fish/ Chicken/ Ribs on the grill) and either a Fruit Punch or rum punch.

  • Price $80 per adult (12 and above)
  • Price $65 per child (12 and younger)
  • 5 -6 hours


A Tour Originally design and fashion by Natives of this Island, DIEDERICK SXM TOURS, dated May 2016, no copies or photo-copies on file, introducing ABOUT & OUT with ROOTS.  We begin at the EDC Parking Lot, through the Dutch Capital, camera’s are a necessity at this point, keep them to your left as we get an oversight of Great Bay Beach, Cruise Ship,  Philipsburg, Fort Amstamdam, Divi little Bay and Belair Beach.  Passing through Residential Cay Hill area we move up to Cole Bay Hill which overlooks Indigo bay, Simpson Bay and Cole bay, for a photo freeze (freezing the sights, memories of a lifetime) and a complimentary refreshment, DEE’s Famous Rum Punch (Licensed Mixologist), fruit punch or water.  We move through the Border line, to our next destination stop, the French Capital, Marigot for a one and a half hour stop for shopping, sightseeing, and French Pastries. Through Gallows Bay we go to introduce an original secret hide-a-way, known mostly to the Natives as“Anse des Pères” , and is now giving you the Opportunity to experience  a two and a half hours of enjoyment on FRIARS BAY, a sheltered, family friendly beach in the northwest of the island, famous for the relaxing calm waters of the Caribbean sea, but when the sun goes down, moves to the sounds of rock and reggae, and seasonally includes the legendary Full Moon parties with the bum fire.  FRIARS BAY is also connected to HAPPY BAY, one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, lined with coconut trees, which has managed to preserve its authentic and untouched charm, with white sands ideal for picnicking.   With its paradise setting, this is the ultimate tropical beach, before accessible only by a 10-minute hike through the hills, now also by KAYAK (available on the beach for rent).  Just supposing you are up for another never before adventure, why not rent a KAYAK (available on the beach for rent) and take a visit to another beach close by,  nestled in the rocky coastline of “Pointe Arago”, LOVERS’ BEACH, the smallest beach on Saint Martin, it was named that way because it can only accommodate two people at a time!.  While on FRIARS BAY, including in this tour package is a complimentary drink on the house, either fruit punch or rum punch, lunch buffet style and per person/ couple two chairs and one umbrella.  Also available to your pleasure is shopping, beach bar, restaurant menu (food & drinks), swimming, sight-seeing, hiking, dancing, sports activities.  Ah with the Beach time at an end, we continue, passing through Grand case & French Cole Sac, overlooking Orient Bay, through French Quarter New Orleans, crossing over the Dutch Border Line and finally back to the Ship.  Thank you for Choosing us and hope we see you again.

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Point Blanc – Guana Bay – Paradise View Point – Radisson Point – Marigot Point – Sunset Beach Bar and Grill (Maho Beach) – Habour Jack Point – Divi Point

  • $400.00 for 1-5 guests
  • $45.00 Per Person for additional guests.
  • 5-6 HOURS.

In our younger days growing up here in our Island St. Maarten, we remember the days were use to go up to the Mountains, hiking, picking fruits, agriculture, hunting and collecting wood, etc.  Giving an insider view of such, this Tour starts from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location, and travels through the Island with stops at the following…Point BlancGuana BayParadise View PointRadisson Point, and Marigot PointSunset Beach Bar (which offers a great lunch), Habour Jack Point, to Divi Point and then back to the cruise port.

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(This rendezvous is only for guest on Ships which docks very early in the morning)                                      SNORKELING ONLY

  • Adults: Ages 13 and up $56 per person
  • Children: Ages 6 – 12 $45 per person
  • Children: Ages 5 and under are Free ((For safety reasons cannot participate in the snorkeling)


Our Rendezvous Tour starts from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location, 8:00 am**then off we go to the 2 hour “Shipwreck Snorkeling” which begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:00 am.  You will experience swimming with a variety of tropical fish and explore a shallow reef and wreck site along the Fort Amsterdam Peninsula in Little Bay. This two hours excursion by boat includes:  Use of snorkeling equipment and flotation devices, instructions for novice snorkelers, light snacks, bottled water, juice and fruit punch is served after the underwater portion of the tour.  Thank you for choosing us and we hope we see you again.

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(Reserving a complete Tour Bus All to Yourself)

You choose the destinations

  • $360.00 for 1-5 guests
  • $40.00 Per Person for additional guests
  • (5-6 HOURS)

As a Native growing up on St. Maarten/ St. Martin, we remember the days when Dad & mom decided, we as a family (12 children) were to have a Private time apart from all our friends, our surroundings, work and play, and set off to have picnic either in the mountains or the beach.  Now this Private Tour is made available to you, and includes your choice of destinations accordingly plus a choice of which beach you would like to spend some time at.  You choose the destinations and the beach.  You choose whats included and what is not, the choices are yours. The tour is 5-6 hours maximum.   The tour includes an open bar which of course will generate lots of laughter and fun!

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Divi Little bay Beach to Maho (Sunset) beach (the beach at the edge of the runway) to Orient Beach

For 1-3 guests is $90 per person – additional guests after the 1st three is $35 per person

4-5 hours of beach hopping


As a Native of this Island, when we were young, we use to go beach Hopping, from the Dutch to the French Side.  We did a lot of different activities like, swimming, diving and collecting fish pot from the ocean.  We would make a camp fire on the beach and roast some of the catch of the day, be it fish, conchs, lobster, etc.  Other times we  would make a cook-up on the beach.  At the beach you can hang out, walk on the white sand, swim in the ocean, or rent a beach chair and relax while sipping on your favorite drink – We begin Tour from the EDC Parking Lot, **see below for location and hop off to Divi Little Bay Beach which is best known for snorkeling, scuba diving & scuba diving training for one hour;  we leave and head to Sunset  (Maho) Beach for one hour, where some of the largest aircraft come in for landing right overhead & and take of right before your eyes, then off to Spend two hours at the Orient Beach enjoying the sun, sand, water, breeze, shopping and fine cuisine.  AH – Finally we head back to town where you have an option of remaining or be dropped back to the ship, thank you and hope to see you again.